Vitalhotel der Parktherme Bad Radkersburg

Delicious seduction

At the Vitalhotel breakfast buffet or at the inviting cappuccino and cake buffet, in the Vital.Café or the Charley Temmel ice cream parlor as well as in the restaurants of the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg local products are turned into real delicacies. Please convince yourself!

Vitalhotel breakfast buffet

Choose between up to 150 different meals or drinks.

Restaurant "Fontäne" and "Mehrblick"

The restaurants "Fontäne" and "Mehrblick" at the Parktherme spoil you as part of the half board with international gourmet menus.

Cappuccino and cake buffet

In the afternoon from 2.30pm until 4pm at the Vitalhotel - all you can eat!

Vitalhotel Kaminett

Enjoy snacks, local delicacies and a glass of wine in a special atmosphere ...

Vitalhotel Dolce Vita Bar

Here you will find everything a well equipped hotel bar has to offer: fine wines, creative cocktails, dance evenings an a lot more.

Vitalhotel Vital Cafè

At the Vital.Café we spoil you with snacks, many local delicacies, cocktails, coffee and ice cream varieties by Charly Temmel.

Café Promenade and the indulgence bar at the Parktherme

Ideal for a short break during the day, for a refreshing drink, snacks, coffee, cake etc.

Castello self service restaurant at the Parktherme

If you want to have a feast you are absolutely right here.



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